Slice of San Francisco in Copenhagen Denmark

Slice of San Francisco, Copenhagen

Hey, guys. It’s Shauna from Without Bags, and I just had to check in with you guys because I just ate the most delicious burrito and, if you guys know me, I’m from Arizona, where we have the land of burritos. I am in a place called the “Slice of San Francisco,” in Copenhagen. Definitely, definitely look it up. It’s on Trip Advisor. It’s very highly ranked, and the food was amazing. I had the mixed burrito, with beef and chicken. Absolutely to die for, delicious. Apparently, she makes her own black beans.

Then of course for dessert, I had a fantastic piece of cheese cake, with this blueberry-rose sauce that is to die for. So, just shout out to anybody coming to Copenhagen, you guys need to eat here at Slice of San Francisco. It’s really close to the National Museum. It’s like right across the street, and it’s kind of down stairs, like in a little basement-type thing. It’s way cute. If you can see behind me, and I’ll try and give you guys a little view here so you can see. So it’s really super-cute and the food is absolutely amazing, so: I highly recommend it. I’ll see you guys later. All right. Bye.


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