What to do with a Chapstick

  • Four interesting places to visit in Italy.
  • Using a ChapStick to hide backup cash while travelling.
  • Why you need to hide backup cash while travelling.

Hey everybody. This is Shauna, the correspondent for Without Bags, here with you today to talk about ChapStick. I know, ChapStick, really? Right? As you guys know, I just came back from Italy. Sicily was amazing. If you guys haven’t been there, Taormina, Palermo, Syracuse, Cefalu definitely take a look at the pictures, take a look at the blog Without Bags. Absolutely loved it, loved it, loved it. Ate way too much pasta, But things to know, okay, ChapSticks. So, of course, most of us carry around ChapStick, especially I’m here from Arizona, it’s hot, even no matter how much water you drink your lips can still get chapped. So ChapStick is just one of those things that I always carry.

Did you know, or have you ever thought about using an empty ChapStick tube, or any other kind of cosmetic, or even sunscreen tubes, that kind of thing to store valuables? Copies of Passports, cash, maybe a backup credit card. So one of the things that I love about ChapStick tubes is they’re tiny, tiny. Right? They can fit in a pocket, they can fit in a separate bag, they can very easily fit in your suitcase that you leave at the hotel, wherever it is. Everybody looks at a ChapStick tube, it’s just ChapStick, so nobody’s really going to be opening your ChapSticks tubes to see if anything’s in there.

I always roll up about $100 worth of cash, stick it inside a ChapStick tube, and carry that with me in a place, or in the hotel, someplace that is kind of hidden. So if I get mugged or robbed, or whatever it is. Thank God that’s never happened, but hopefully never, ever. I’ve got some backup cash, and I have a way to get back to the hotel, you know call whoever I need to call, and make sure that I’m not starving on the streets wherever I am. So highly recommend using cosmetic bottles, ChapStick tubes, whatever it is, something that looks very innocuous. You can cut it open and we’ll try and put some links to some videos down below mine, other great videos on YouTubes to show you how to do this, how to actually make this work.

You can carry them with you in your bags, on the beach using a sunscreen bottle. You can leave it right on the beach, right next to your towel, and no one’s going to pick up your sunscreen bottle and think there’s anything valuable in there. So hope you guys are having a great day, and feel free to join us every Tuesday for more tips here on Without Bags. Can’t wait to see you on the next adventure. Thanks. Bye.

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