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This blog is for those who love travel.  This blog is for those who feel it is important to see the world, learn it’s lessons, meet it’s people, and admire the beauty, joy, life, and adventure around us.

Many, many years ago I lost my checked luggage on the way to my vacation destination.  A nightmare.  It was just plain and simple gone.  It was from that day forward that I decided that if it didn’t fit in a carry on, it just wasn’t coming with me.  The longest travel adventure I have taken to date has been a little over 7 weeks, across 5 countries, and around the globe in one direction (Thailand, Nepal, China, India, the UK, and then home to Arizona, USA).  You have to pack smart when you do a trip like that, and boy have I learned!

This blog is for all of you out there who want to go out and see, be, feel, live, laugh, become one with, enjoy, taste, and generally have a ‘jolly old time’ in the world at large.

Wishing you as much joy as travelling has brought me.

shauna big black hat- ibiza -april 2 10

Me and my favorite Big Black Hat – Ibiza,Spain Summer 2010


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