Glasnevin tour – Part – 2

Okay so guys we’re actually now on walking tour. I mean you can see some of these carvings are just absolutely amazing. Some of these tombs are you know, a couple hundred years old. I think, what did they say at the cemetery?


1832 the cemetery was founded. So some of these are old, old. You can kind of see how far the cemetery goes. The area that we’re in right now, this is the posh part of the cemetery. You can see some of the cravings and stuff these were all done by a guy named Farrell. No, not the musician, but a famous, famous carver here. He apparently did 95% of all the statues in the entire in Ireland, not just the graveyard, the entire of Ireland. 95% this guy.

Some of these are just beautiful. I don’t know if you guys can tell as you’re walking by the sculptures are covered in the old moss and there’s plants growing out of them. You can see all the flowers that have been planted down the walkways and such. Absolutely lovely. Some of the Celtic crosses they were pointing out. You know you can see here, you can see the details. These ones are much more pagan in nature. You know, animals and bird this kind of thing verses of course the christian versions of Jesus and Mary of course.

This tower is actually a monument to I think O’Donnell. O’Donnell is a guy who led the revolution. We were hearing the speech about or from earlier, the reenaction from earlier. You can see a lot of the headstones here are more of the flat,  tombstone looking verses on the other side you can see a lot more of the Celtic crosses. You know, a lot more of the older style.

You can see on that need a lot of these beautiful, beautiful Celtic crosses. A lot of detail. There in the background you can see the big building. That’s someone building there’s actually a museum here and you can look up your ancestry. If anybody’s got ancestors buried here in the cemetery in Ireland, this is the place you want to come to do research. You can see some of the crypts are just lovely, full little underground tombs. We were informed that even if your headstone is east-west or north-south, you will always, always be buried with your head to the east.

As that is, I guess this is basically a catholic cemetery. But, they do have all sorts of different religions here we learned. There are four Jewish people buried in this cemetery. But, there are muslim and protestant and catholic and pagan and all sorts of different people buried here religious value groups here.  The entire cemetery was very specifically built, you know these are those rows that I was talking about.

This is probably, well let’s see is we can actually find the marker here in one of the graves. It is on the tomb stones. I’m going to see if we can find the exact marker. It actually tells you, which row we’re in. Some of these older ones, it’s kind of hard to see the marker piece. I’m just trying to find one where we can see it. Absolutely lovely as you can tell. Some of these pieces are just gorgeous. Of course now I can’t seem to find any of the markers, so I will keep looking and see if we can find one of the markers to show you guys how that works.

Also, for example heres a good version of the marker. You can see on the back. So this is row NC3 and a half, which means it’s half of a plot and this large monument here would be NC3. Weathers started to get a little bit cloudy but it’s been absolutely lovely and sun shinny all day here. You know, everybody’s telling us that from Arizona we’ve brought the sunshine with us. Certainly felt like it.

For the past couple of days we’ve had absolutely lovely and beautiful weather. As you can see the storms starting to come in. Kind of blue skies and no longer blue skies. All right guys I am going to let you go. We’re going to go see if we can find some lunch and I’ll keep you guys involved if there’s anything awesome we see after lunch.

Copenhagen over Stockholm over Helsinki

  • Copenhagen as a city, especially the old city, the museums are lovely. The people were really nice. Everybody was on bicycles all over the place. There was lots of activity, and great food.
  • Stockholm has a long walkway, from the astronomy tower, the observatory, all the way to the Queen’s Palace. Walking around that place with stop in little cafes, chocolate shops and shopping, clothes was very lively.
  • Helsinki, Finland have the best food out of all the Scandinavian countries that I went to. Helsinki win 100% on the food. I ate was like eating at a three star Michelin.

Hey, everybody. This is Shauna, live correspondent for Without Bags, and today, I wanted to talk to you about three awesome cities in Scandinavia. So, very exciting! If you guys were following along with my previous trip, we were talking or we were going through Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Guys, I’m sure this is going to cause arguments. I hope it doesn’t, but I have to admit I really, really, really fell in love with Copenhagen. For any of you that know me personally, I’m kind of a science nerd. I’m ex-astrophysics so absolutely love Tycho Brahe, and his location, where the man did his work, was Copenhagen.

So, roaming around, if you have seen other videos, we will put a link to video where we found Tycho Brahe’s astronomy tower, which was amazing, in Copenhagen. You know, definitely check it out, but Copenhagen as a city, especially the old city, the museums are amazing. The people were really nice. Everybody was on bicycles all over the place. There was lots of activity, and great food, and it was just amazing. So, I have to say, Copenhagen at this point over Stockholm.

Now, Stockholm, you guys are amazing, right? There’s this gorgeous, long walkway, again from the astronomy tower, the observatory, all the way to the Queen’s Palace. Walking round that place, you know, a stop in little cafes, little chocolate shops, just shopping, clothes … It was very lively, whatever. Stockholm was amazing. So, but Stockholm is still coming in number two next to Copenhagen for me.

So, if you are headed to Scandinavia, definitely check out some of our other videos. We will try and do some cross-linking in the links below. Check us out on Facebook, so, Without Bags. You can also check out our blog. Love to get you guys’s feedback: out of those three cities, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki, which one is your favorite? I would love to see some pictures. Whatever kind of information you guys have: love to get some conversation going on this. When I came back, everybody was really pro Copenhagen. So, so far Copenhagen is coming out front runner. Hope you guys are having a great day, and look forward to seeing you all out and about Without Bags. Bye.

Glasnevin tour

Hey everyone. We are currently walking trough the Glasnevin Cemetery just outside of Dublin, it’s about 20 minutes outside of Dublin. This is probably one of the prettiest cemeteries I have ever seen and having been to 50 something countries, that’s a pretty big feat.

There’s one and a half million people buried here, 1.5 million people for a country that only has 4.5 million that’s pretty impressive. Thought we’d show you some of the cool stuff here at the cemetery. Let’s see if I can some video for you.

What we’re looking at right here is actually the tomb of the cardinal who built the church. He was very, very well regarded, built this church that we’re looking at here. This church in current day dollars would cost around nine million euros. You can tell the carvings are pretty intricate. If you can see of there in the background, see if we can get it right there. Got little tiny heads of all the different cardinals that were originally here or the different heads of church. They’ve done an excellent job actually planting gardens all the way through the cemetery as you can see. The smell is absolutely amazing here, they’ve got lilacs growing, they’ve got tons and tons and tons of flowers you can see of in the background there.

This cemetery has the largest collection of Celtic crosses in the world apparently. I don’t know if you guys can see that. See if we can get you guys some zoomed in shots here. This place is massive. Literally, there’s a wall that goes around the cemetery and they have all of the graves labeled with an “A” and then another letter, like an “AG” for example and then numbers from 1-200 across the plots. That’s the only way to find whoever is buried in this lovely cemetery. At this place you can call for a grave inquiry. 

Absolutely lovely. I’m sure we’ll be back to go roam around the cemetery here in a little bit but wanted to get you guys a view of this absolutely lovely and amazing place. So, I’ll see you guys in a little bit.


British Airways – how do I love thee! Let me count the ways!


Hey, guys. It’s Shauna, correspondent from Without Bags. I am currently in the lounge for British Airways, in the Heathrow Airport. I have to admit I absolutely love British Air, these guys are fantastic. For traveling so much, they give me an upgrade to business class, which is fabulous so I thought I’d give you guys a tour around the business class lounge.

So, as you can see, I love these little sparkle things, they’re fantastic. They’re right there, very cool but we’ve got water, full bar to help ourselves. Tons of computers and entertainment zones, we’ve got wine. There’s an entire section just of wine and then down there, you can see down the hallway there’s food, an entire food service down that direction so it’s really nice but this being the headquarters for British Airways, of course being in Heathrow, the place is packed.

Normally when I’m traveling in lounges, it’s not all that busy but today it is and I’m very happy to be sitting in the lounge so I have to admit, this trip has been tons and tons of fun but of course, being gone for so long, I’m definitely looking forward to getting home and getting home to Phoenix. Since we’re talking about British Airways today, absolutely love about BA, they were playing classical music before the plane took off and it’s just so calming. It’s so nice to be able to listen to classical instead of all the hustling and bustling of the bags and the people.

I guess I will see you guys when I get home. I have tons more stories, tips and tricks so keep watching the Without Bags channel and if you haven’t subscribed, definitely subscribe to YouTube, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Hope you guys are having a great day. Fly British Air, we love British Air. Thanks, bye.

Kirkenes Norway (off the boat and the earth is still moving!!)

Hey guys, it’s Shauna, correspondent for Without Bags. I’m finally on dry land. I’m currently in the Hotel Thon in Kirkenes.

It’s crazy to me. I’ve been on the boat, on the postal ship, for about a week, and the earth, now that I’m on dry land, the earth is still kind of moving, just kind of ever so gently swaying. I have never been on a cruise … If you’ve been watching some of our other videos … never, ever been on a boat, and actually like lived on a boat like that before. Certainly an experience. Once I got my sea legs, a couple days in, life was pretty good, but very, very different. I’m very, very happy to be on dry land.

Couple of things here … I’ll give you guys the view outside my window, which is absolutely fantastic … Let’s see if I can get the camera turned around here for you … I mean, this is where I’m at. I’m in a very nice warm room, which I know sounds kind of crazy but the boat was a little cold. Very nice, warm room overlooking the ocean here, the Barents Sea.

Then I’ll give you guys the view of the room. I can’t believe how much space I have. I know this looks like a very simple room, but on the boat, my room was probably like to the edge of this gray thing, that was the width, and maybe back to where I’m standing, so what, maybe eight or nine feet wide by about 10 feet long, something like … I am so happy, I can actually stretch my arms out. Yay, I can stretch my arms out. I can stretch my arms out and not touch anything. This is fantastic.

Anyway, I am going to go do a little bit of exploring in Kirkenes. Apparently the whole city, the whole main part of the city is … There’s about 3,500 people that live right in Kirkenes, and about 10,000 people that live, kind of in this general vicinity. So I’m going to go roam around the city center, which apparently is about 10 buildings wide, and there’s a shopping mall on one end, and then two streets up and that’s it.

I’m going to go do that. It’s currently about 12:30 in the afternoon here. Had a fantastic … If you guys just watched the crab adventure, learned a lot, actually, about the King Crab. They were originally brought here by the Russians, from north of Japan. They grabbed about, I think they said 10 trips of 10,000 crabs each, so 100,000 crabs. Shipped them across Russia and dropped them off here, north of Norway, into the ocean, to the Barents Sea here, and wanted them to reproduce. And that is where all the King Crab generally comes from now.

I have to tell you, King Crab, I have never had … I mean, I’ve had King Crab at home in Arizona, but obviously Arizona is not the best for seafood. This is probably the best crab ever eaten, ever. Probably helps that I was out actually fishing and pulling up nets and stuff earlier. You know, when you’re hungry it always tastes better.

I have to tell you, King Crab, I have never had … I mean, I’ve had King Crab at home in Arizona, but obviously Arizona is not the best for seafood. This is probably the best crab ever eaten, ever. Probably helps that I was out actually fishing and pulling up nets and stuff earlier. You know, when you’re hungry it always tastes better.

Anyway, really, really excited to be here and yeah, so, I guess I’m going to go roam around Kirkenes and if there’s anything interesting and fascinating for you guys to learn about, I will do another live video. I will talk to you guys soon. All right, thanks. Bye.


Taking a shower in your clothes?!

  • It’s very important to consider the type of clothing. If you’re wearing heavy acrylics, it’s not going to dry quickly, especially if you’re in a super humid climate like Thailand.
  • It slims down your bag, you have more space for gifts to bring back for everybody.
  • You can wear the same clothes the next morning and they are ready to go.

Hey guys. It’s Shauna, correspondent from Without Bags, and I am here today to talk to you about one of my absolute favorite methods for washing clothes. Anytime you travel, you guys know, I travel without a bag. If it doesn’t fit in a carry-on, it doesn’t come with me. Well, laundry detergent, having to do laundry in hotels can be very expensive. You can do them in the sink, the little dry laundry sheets, that’s pretty good, but you always need some place to hang them and then you might have multiple days of clothes you’re hanging. The whole laundry situation just gets a little bit crazy.

One of my favorite ways to deal with it I actually learned from another passenger on a plane. We had both been upgraded to business class, we were both really happy about that, so we were really chatty with each other, and his suggestion … So first things first, the type of clothing is important. If you’re wearing cotton, if you’re wearing heavy acrylics, that kind of thing, it’s not going to dry really quickly, right? Especially if you’re in a super humid climate like Thailand, one of my favorite places, it can be really, really humid. Definitely be looking at the type of material that you’re wearing, but my favorite, the thing that he suggested which I just fell in love with, is basically it’s a little weird, trust me right now, it’s a little bit weird, but my favorite thing is you actually get in the shower with the clothes on that you were wearing that day.

You use, the hotel typically provides a shampoo/soap combination, you lather yourself up, all of your clothes, lather them all up, and then let the water rinse it all off. You hang up that layer. You lather up the next layer of clothes, you hang that up, you let it dry. By the next morning, if you’re wearing some of that quick dry material, that kind of thing, it’s dry, it’s ready to go. In this particular case, now I’m not that hardcore, in this particular case this business traveler was only bringing one set of clothes, one. The only thing he had in his bag were basically his particular toiletries and his shoes and his laptop and that kind of thing.

I was so impressed, but I did try it on one of these past trips and it was kind of weird. It was okay, but certainly taking a shower in your clothes the first time, it feels really, really odd, but I’ll tell you what, if it slims down my bag, more space for gifts to bring back for everybody, it makes me pretty happy. Signing off, Shauna for Without Bags, and let me know if you’ve ever taken a shower in your clothes. Would love to hear the story. All right, I’ll talk to you guys later. Bye.

How to write off your travel

  • Do you have a business reason for your travel?
  • If you are traveling for business, those expenses can be written off.
  • If you are traveling for a personal reason, you cannot deduct those expenses.

Hey everyone, it’s Shauna the Tax Goddess, and today I am talking on our Without Bags channel about how to write off your travel. So if you’re on this channel, that means you love travel as much as I do. I figured I would film in front of one of my favorite finds, Japanese kimono. I absolutely love this and it’s so pretty. But anyway, I love love love to travel, and one of my favorite bits about traveling is because traveling is a business for me; I’ve got clients all over the world, I’ve got vendors all over the world, and of course … oh darn … I’ve got you guys. I’ve got Without Bags followers all over the world. So traveling is a business for me, which means that I am allowed to write off my travel. Now in order to do that, of course you have to have a business.

Without Bags, for me, is a business. Of course, I love filming for you guys but you guys know that I’m always up front with you and telling you guys the whole truth and nothing but the truth, the benefits of being a CPA as well. So Without Bags is a business for me. If you guys have noticed, in some … I try to keep it very very few … in some of our posts, we will link to an Amazon affiliate account or sometimes you’ll see some advertising using Commission Junction. These are ways in which our website, Without Bags, makes revenue. Now, without revenue, according to the IRS … you have to have revenue, you have to have income for anything to be considered a business. So in order to write off the travel, I highly recommend that you guys have a business that allows you to travel to wherever it is you want to go.

On my CPA side, sometimes I’ll travel to business conferences, sometimes I’ll travel to go visit one of our vendors or some of our clients. Then on our Without Bags side, I’m traveling to bring you guys awesome tips and trips and hacks and beautiful locations and video and filming and everything else. If you’re interested in writing off your travel, make sure that you’re talking to your CPA, your tax preparer. In the meantime, enjoy Without Bags, enjoy the information, and all of the lovely photographs and stories and craziness and life that happens when you travel. So happy to be here with you guys on our Without Bags channel, and thank you so much for bringing this travel dream of mine to a reality. All right, have a great day. Signing off, Shauna the Without Bags Tax Goddess. I’ll see you guys later. Bye.