Missing Mardi Gras!!! Are you there? Without Bags!

  • One of the most famous ways to protect yourself is to use a wallet with a chain.
  • Always keep some cash folded up underneath the internal sole of your shoe.

Hey, everyone. It’s Shauna, the Without Bags, travel-crazy person. Today is Mardi Gras in New Orleans and I so wanted to be there, but I am here in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the weather has been crazy enough. We’ve had storms, hail, and sunshine. Today on Without Bags, we’re going to talk about how to travel safe when you’re traveling to a somewhat dangerous location. The parties at Mardi Gras down in New Orleans are absolutely insane; lots of people, which means high chances of pickpocketing.

One of the most famous ways to protect yourself is to use a wallet with a chain. Now, a really good pickpocket will still be able to steal. I remember a long time ago, probably 15–20 years, I was in Spain and I had a pickpocket steal a ring off of my finger. I didn’t even realize it until later when I was at dinner and I noticed that my ring was gone. Besides my ring, five or six other wallets, bracelets, jewelry, and many other things from the group of people I was with were taken.

So, start with a wallet with a chain. It’s definitely a great idea. For men, keep your wallet in your front pocket. Make sure that you’ve got your hands in your pocket. It’s going to be much harder to steal if it is in your pocket.

One of my favorite tips for just in case your wallet gets stolen is: Always keep some cash folded up underneath, inside your shoe; you can pull up the internal sole. I hope everybody is having fun!


My favorite tip to getting a row of seats all to yourself when flying

  • Face masks are a great way to prevent sickness and deter others from sitting next to you on flights.
  • Wear a face mask, not because you are sick, but because you never know what others may be carrying.
  • I have never gotten sick traveling to and from other places because I’m always wearing one of these face masks.

Hi everyone, it’s Shauna from Without Bag. Today you’ll notice that I’m wearing my face mask. This is one of my favorite travel tips. Not only does it prevent you from getting sick, but it has also earned me an entire row of seats all to myself when flying.

My favorite story comes from my plane trip to Hawaii. I sat down in my aisle seat; I always go for the aisle seat to get a little more space. I’m kind of a tall lady. Up walks what appeared to be a husband and wife. He looks at me, looks at me with my face mask on, turns to the flight attendant and basically says, “Are there any other rows anywhere else we can sit?”

The assumption he made was that I was sick. Now, of course I don’t wear these because I’m sick; I do when I’m sick, but I wear them because I’m not so sure that I trust all the other people on the plane hacking and coughing. I have never gotten sick traveling to and from other places because I’m always wearing one of these face masks.

Not only does it keep you from getting sick, of course it gives you the added benefit of having an entire row in the plane all to yourself. One of my top travel hacks, and I hope you guys are enjoying it. I can’t wait to see you guys when we get to late March, early April when we’re going to Ireland. I’ll see you guys there.

A necessary gadget for traveling with a friend

  • An adapter that can be attached to your phone, laptop, or iPad
  • It should have two volume controls that can lower or raise the volume, and it leads into two separate headphone jacks.
  • If you are on the plane and your battery dies, you can always watch a movie together on the other laptop, iPad, phone, etc.

Hello, everyone. This is Shauna, your Without Bags adventure traveler. I have to admit, I’m so excited. This coming up April, I am going to be traveling with a very dear friend of mine to Ireland and Scotland. She’ll be joining me for that part of my trip, and then, of course, I will be headed to Iceland,  Denmark, Finland,  Sweden, and Norway. I can’t wait to be bringing you guys live videos from there.

Today, I wanna talk about a necessary gadget for when you are traveling with a friend. I love this thing. Honestly, I’m not even sure if I could tell you what it is or the name of it. We will find the link and make sure the link is posted below. You have your adapter to attach to your phone, laptop, iPad, or whatever it is that you’re traveling with. Then, you’ll notice two volume controls that can lower or raise the volume, heading into two separate headphone jacks. If you guys are on the plane and someone’s battery dies, you can always watch a movie together on the other laptop, iPad, or whatever device you have.

I think this little guy cost me $6.95, something like that; probably one of my favorite travel gadgets. You guys know how much I love gadgets – always about the gadgets. In preparation for this upcoming trip, I’m making sure that all my gadgets are in line and I have everything ready to go. I would love to hear about what your favorite travel gadget is. Give me a link down in the listing below on this post. I would absolutely love to get one and review it. I love new gadgets. Anyway, hope you guys are having a great day. I can’t wait for the upcoming trip. I’ll talk to you guys later, bye.

Conwork 3.5mm Stereo Male to Dual Female Audio Headphone / Headset Y Splitter Cable with Volume Control Switch


Tips and tricks on how to travel with liquids – Watch the first live video by Shauna

  • The maximum travel liquid you are allowed to carry on is 3.2 ounces.
  • ScotteVest coats and vests have tons of hidden pockets that allow you to carry up to 20 pounds at a time.  
  • Make sure you’re carrying some of your liquids in those pockets; that way it gets scanned through the TSA pre-check

Hello, everyone. This is Shauna, the traveling Tax Goddess. If you guys know me from my other channel, Tax Goddess, I am a CPA with a passion for travel. I am so excited this year. Let me back up a second. At this point in time, I believe I have traveled to 48 countries. We always keep the count up to date on the Without Bags homepage, but I love, love, love, love traveling, absolutely adore traveling. I’ve been to the east, to the west, to the south, to the north. I am originally from Canada, and now live in the sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, which so many people come here for travel. I love my home state here in the states!

Today is the very first live Facebook video. The plan is to do one of these guys every Tuesday. I’ll bring you guys some interesting fascinating things about travel, places I’ve been, and about tips and tricks for travel. The name of the site is Without Bags. Something you should know: When I travel, if it doesn’t fit in the carry-on, it does not come with me. Make sure that you check out our blog and subscribe to the channel because I want to bring you guys value and lots of fun and fascinating places around the world.

Today’s tip: Traveling with liquids. Especially if you’re doing a carry-on, there are maximum sizes. I believe right now it’s about 3.2 ounces, maximum size of travel liquids that you’re allowed to bring. I kind of cheat a little bit, right? What you’re supposed to have is one clear plastic bag with all your liquids in it. One of my favorite travel hacks, of course make sure that you’ve got the TSA pre-check so that you can get through the lines faster, but that also means that they don’t bother me about liquids that are in the pockets of my clothing.

For example, and I’ll make sure we link to this as well, ScotteVest makes my favorite travel vest. I have their vest and I have one of their trench coats; it’s long red. You can always see me in the airport. Those things have tons of hidden pockets. My vest, which is the one that I take with me more frequently,  can carry up to about 20 pounds worth of gear in all those hidden pockets, including my 3.2 travel size liquid containers, which by the way you can get from the Dollar Store, so don’t pay the big expensive ones. Make sure when you’re screwing on the top of that lid, you’re putting a little bit of saran wrap on there so that stuff won’t explode in the pressure of the cabin. Make sure you’re throwing some of that liquid into your pockets, so that it does get scanned through the TSA pre-check. Of course you have to scan it, but definitely a way to sneak on some more liquids.

I wanted to give you guys that little tip today, and I am so, so, so excited to start off this channel with live video this year. I’m looking forward to bringing you guys more tips and tricks. If you  have any questions, feel free to email us from the site or reach out on  Twitter, Facebook, or send us a message. We will definitely get you an answer, and I can’t wait to start bringing you guys some of the trips from this upcoming year. On the docket this year, so far we have Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and later in the year probably Sicily. Yeah, join us, keep up with us, hit subscribe!

Make sure you like this video. We’d really appreciate it. I can’t wait to see you guys later. All right, have a great day and remember to travel without bags.