Happy Halloween! What’s scarier than turbulence

  • How to deal with plane turbulence – sit near the wing
  • Getting the least amount of turbulence in your flight
  • Reducing the amount of turbulence in midair

Hey everybody, Happy Halloween! It’s Shauna, the correspondent for Without Bags. Today being Halloween, what could be scarier than ghost and ghouls? Turbulence? Nobody likes turbulence on the plane but some people are really good with it; they’re totally chilled and relaxed. But listen, if you don’t want to deal with turbulence and want the least amount of turbulence in your flight, sit near the wing of the plane. That actually reduces your turbulence as much as it can be possible in midair.

Tip from the well-traveled, sit near the wing of the plane to reduce turbulence. If you haven’t seen it, definitely scroll up; take a peek through our most recent trip to Sicily, Italy. Otherwise, have an absolutely fantastic Halloween guys. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. Enjoy the night ghosts and ghouls. Bye.


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