Airplane to Dublin!

Hey guys; it’s Shauna from Without Bags. I’m currently sitting on the plane on my way to Dublin. I’ve got a few client meetings out this way in most of Northern Europe. And of course going to see some awesome stuff while I’m there. So I’ll keep you guys posted and let you guys know what’s going on and what kind of details we have and what’s awesome and fun in Dublin. So I’ll see you guys when we get there in about seven hours. All right, bye.

Oh no! Tumi help! What a birthday

Hey guys; its Shauna from Without Bags. Today has been a very interesting day, if you don’t know me today is my birthday so yay I’m getting to spend my birthday in Bergen, Norway. It is absolutely lovely and let me see if I can get you a view out this window and show you where we’re at today. I know we were in Bergen last week, but flying back through here to head out to Dublin tomorrow, and then Dublin for a few more days, and then back to London, and back to hometown of Arizona. This has definitely been one heck of a trip for Without Bags and I’m super excited to head home, especially being so close to my birthday. Couple things to start off with. I want to say thank you, I want to do a shout out to some people that I absolutely adore. They called the hotel and got everything organized in advance and when I came in to the hotel room was an absolute shock and amazement. It is lovely and what a surprise. Let me show you what I walked into in the room today.

I have to give a huge shout out to the people downstairs because this is what’s going on today. After all this awesomeness for my birthday and so many birthday wishes, I was bringing my bag upstairs. My one carry on, bringing it upstairs and guess what happened? The handle came off in my hand, literally broke on my Tumi bag. For those of you that travel Tumi is supposedly a top brand bag and the bag itself is perfectly fine, let’s give you a view here of the bag. This is my one carryon, you can see I love it. It’s got tons of pockets, it does expand, and you can see it’s got this really nice hard, kind of hard shell which is great. That part of the handle completely came off in my hand. Now, me most importantly and part of the reason why I am in love with the staff here. They found superglue which we’re hoping is going to hold. If you could see that we had a little bit of superglue around the edge and we put some superglue on the inside. We’re letting it dry overnight, hopefully it will hold, Loctite so we’ll see. They had three janitors and three people at the front desk and everybody was trying to help and figure out how to glue this thing back together again, so I have to say good on you hotel Edvard Grieg for trying to figure out how to get this thing connected

Tip for the day, if your handle breaks definitely of course check with your hotel, see if there’s anything they can do to help you, but I had remembered something that I had seen I believe it was in Brazil 10 years ago. Where when they were packing your box, your purchase or whatever, they would actually make handles for your bag, for your big paper box using plastic grocery bags. You’d roll up the plastic bag into a little tiny thin strip and you tape one side to one part of the box and one side to the other part of the box and now you have a handle for your box. I remembered this idea and so the hotel desk gave me two Edvard Grieg bags and some black duct tape type stuff and we made our own handle. Thank you to the Brazilians from 10 years ago showing me the awesome trick about using plastic bags as handles. I think it’s going to hold up pretty well but obviously as we go through it I will let you guys know. One if Tumi fixes the bag because it supposedly has a lifetime warranty, and two if the plastic handle holds up. Thanks so much guys, I hope you’re having a great day and I will talk to you all later, bye

Hall of the Mountain King

Hey guys, it’s Shauna. I just came back from a fascinating tour at the musical instrument museum in Trondheim and I picked up a little toy, so I’ll show you guys the toy if I can figure out how to hold the camera and do it because it’s awesome. But, I have a question for you guys, and maybe somebody will know the answer. If not, I’m sure I will be Googling after this video. My question is, Edward Grieg, the guy who wrote Hall of the Mountain King, who is the Mountain King, and is he a troll king, or what’s going on? Now that I’ve been here in the Nordic, Scandinavian countries, trolls are big, elves are big, fairies are big. For example, in Iceland, 5% of the population, according to one of the tour guides, 5% of the population believes in Christianity, but 80% of the population believes, like absolutely 100% believes in trolls and fairies. I’m really kind of wondering if the Mountain King is a Troll King.

Anyway, so, we’re going to try an interesting little experiment. Let me see if I can get this set up here without knocking you guys over here. I have something really fun to show you. I picked it up at the music museum. Let’s see if this is it. I think it’s this one. Hold on guys, I want to show you something really, really cool. Let’s see if we can do this. OK, if I knock you over, I’m really sorry, I apologize in advance. I think you guys are good. I think you’re st able right there. OK, do you see this little box? This is actually a music box, so I’m hoping you guys will be able to hear this when I play this, but check it out.

So, I don’t know if many of you recognize that, but that is of course from the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg, from 1843 through 1907. He is considered the foremost Nordic composer throughout history and his music has become the very symbol of Norwegian musical language according to the box. This is in the Hall of the Mountain King and is from the Incidental Music to Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen first performed in 1876. I hope you guys enjoyed. I’m getting a huge, huge kick out of this little box. Random side tangent, my mom gave me one of these little things when I was a little kid, so I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m in love with the little box. I hope you guys are having a great day and I’ll try and post some pictures and stuff, and hopefully you guys saw at least the first bit of the video before we got cut off in the music museum, so, I’ll talk to you guys later. Have a great day, bye.

Thrown around like a rag doll!!

Hey guys, it’s Shauna from Without Bags. I wanted to film this because I’ve never had this experience before, so I wanted to share. So we just left the king of sheltered fjords of kind of middle-north Norway, and we are now in the open ocean of Norway, you know open waters and literally the boat is being thrown around like a rag doll. I can’t even stand, I am sitting to film this video right now, because if I stand I will fall over, that’s how much the boat is being thrown around, so I’m going to try and try and see if I can get you guys a view out of the little portholes here. Okay, let’s hope we don’t fall over.

I thought you guys might find this interesting. It actually looks super calm. Let’s see if we can get you a view here. So you see it actually looks super calm but basically every time we go over those waves that look nice and calm are actually not nice and calm, they said that there are probably about 3 or 4 feet tall at the moment, and they’re bumping the ship around pretty good.

Certainly … whoo … sorry. This has been interesting. So things I am learning on this trip. This is my very first cruise, if you guys haven’t caught on to that yet, and this is a postal boat, so there’s about 200 people on this boat. Things I’m learning about a cruise … I’m actually a little seasick. And so going up in the cold, so like outside on the decks outside is good for being seasick apparently, and it’s certainly been helping me, so that’s, that’s good. And sleep. Apparently for some reason I can sleep without a problem.

It is currently about 7:30 Norway time and I’ve been getting up about 4 Norway time. So Yeah, I’m gonna take a shower, and go to bed and hopefully pass this really super choppy water in open water Norway and get back to the very calm fjords and be a little more sheltered than, whoo, big crazy waves that just came in through the porthole, that’s so exciting. So anyway, I’m having a lot of fun out here in Norway, life is certainly an adventure and so this is Shauna, correspondent for Without Bags, coming to you from the open oceans in Norway.

Hope you guys are having fun. Tomorrow, I think tomorrow we are going to … no, today we went to Trondheim … okay, let’s see if we can make it over to the list of where I was at today without falling over, that would be lovely. Yes, today was in Trondheim, the Nidaros Cathedral and the Music Museum. Sorry, can you tell the waves are kind of knocking me off, knocking me off my senses a little bit here.

And tomorrow, I’m actually kind of excited, tomorrow night, I’m going like on a Viking dinner kind of thing, so that will be cool. And first thing in the morning, at about 10:15, we’re actually going to be crossing into the Arctic Circle, so very exciting for me, I have never been in that part of the world, ever … so Arctic Circle, gonna do some sightseeing, Saltstrumen, I guess, if anybody’s ever been there. And then in the evening there’s a Viking dinner kind of thing, so that should be cool.

So, anyway, I’m going sit back down before I fall over. These waves look a lot bigger than 3 of 4 feet now, so anyway, this is Shauna, signing off for Without Bags, hope you guys are having a great day. I’m going to try to not fall over in the shower. So I’ll see you guys later. Bye.

Always remember your sewing needle!

Good morning everyone. This is Shauna, from Without Bags, and today we will be talking about a very important thing. Just to give you an example which happened to me yesterday— I was on a bus in Trondheim, and we had plans to see the Nethadras Cathedral and the music museum. While climbing Mount Axla, I stepped on the back of my pants which ripped my pants. So, very, very, very important piece of your toolkit is always, always, always have a needle and thread.

Found this out that I had forgotten actually my sewing kit, which you know, strange, normally I never forget my sewing kit. But, forgot my sewing kit so when we were in Ireland earlier on this trip, had to pick up some thread and thankfully had a needle. So, needle, thread, fixed the pants, life was good so tip and trick for today, always needle and thread in your pack for whenever you are traveling.

Hope you guys are having a great day. I’ll be excited to bring you guys some video and stuff from the Cathedral. The Cathedral actually is going to be really, really cool. This is where the Viking kings used to be crowned and of course all the kings of Norway going forward have been crowned here in Trondheim. Can’t wait to show you guys. Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you guys soon.

And it’s chilly here. We lost the 70 degree beautiful weather. It’s not like, I don’t know, 33, 34, 40, something like that, so back on with the silk scarf. All right, I’ll talk to you guys later. Bye.



The importance of Keeping in contact


Hey guys, it’s Shauna, correspondent from Without Bags and realized something I wanted to talk to you guys about today, which is the importance of staying in contact. Especially when I travel for Without Bags, I’m typically gone for, from anywhere from four weeks to eight weeks at a time working for my other job while I’m on the road. One of the things, especially because I typically travel by myself, one of the things that’s just so, so, so important is the ability to stay in contact with those that you care about. It really, when you’re out traveling, especially on your own, it can get kind of lonely. Getting on this boat, if you guys saw the video from the other day they actually told me originally there was going to be no wifi, no cell signal for a week and I’ve already been traveling for about six weeks and that is my life line. Wifi and “wee-fee” for those of you who have been to Belize, “wee-fee”. Anyway, side joke, sorry.

Wifi and cellular signal is so super important to being able to stay in contact with those that you love. The world has moved really much more towards the social media side. Obviously if you’re watching this you’re seeing us on Facebook but Facebook, Twitter, blogging, those kinds of things. Even simple things like writing a letter or writing a postcard are so far removed from most of our world viewpoints anymore. Getting on the boat the other day they actually reminded us that this is a postal boat and the world is not about wifi and maybe you should consider writing an actual letter. Just wanted to kind of remind you guys that say that you love the people that you love, call them, speak to them, Skype them, Face Time them and if you’re in person give them a hug.

There is a Buddhist theory that says that at a minimum, barest thing at a minimum, people need four hugs a day, good hugs. Four good hugs, at six hugs they are pretty happy and at eight hugs they attain enlightenment. If you haven’t had your eight hugs from people that you care about today, Without Bags is here to tell you to go get yourself some hugs. Hope you’re having a wonderful day and looking forward to talking to you guys later.

You guys have been enjoying watching the adventures. Today we went the aquarium and to Mt. Aksla and the view from the top was fantastic. I tried to take some panoramas for you guys and posted them in one of the previous videos. Check it out and as usual, if you have any comments, questions, any topics, like travel type topics that you want us to cover here on Without Bags, put it in the comments. Write us an email or go to the website, Twitter, Facebook, anywhere you want to connect with us we would love to hear from you guys. I’d love to answer any travel questions that you have. Hope you guys are having a great day and I’ll talk to you later. All right, thanks. Bye.


Ice Cave 2

Hey guys. We went inside the glacier, which was pretty awesome. We were in one of the tunnels that was carved. Would have loved to do Facebook Live but there was no signal this far down into the ice. It wasn’t actually bad in there. It was zero down there but no wind at all, so it wasn’t really that bad. I didn’t even have my hands covered.

This thing was carved in 2015, so it’s really only been open for a couple of years. You would see in the video a black line which is the ash from the 2010 explosion of the volcano.

Thought you guys might enjoy seeing the inside of a glacier. I’ll come back with more videos.

Adventure in lost power!

Hey everyone, so it’s Shauna from Without Bags and today we went on a little bit of an adventure. Woke up this morning and my powder bank was no longer working, so decided to roam the streets to try and find a place to find power. So luckily enough I found a place called, let’s see Class Ohlson and it is basically a giant Ikea on the inside but the most interesting bit was trying to find the proper adapters to fit both my U.S. plugs and a USB and all the rest of it. So what does this tell us? The tip for today is to always carry a backup power source. The problem with not having any way to charge laptops and cell phones and all the other fun stuff, battery backup packs and all the rest of it. Anyway this is, since I’m here, this is the main shopping street in Stockholm. So basically where all the stores are, all the clothes are, all the rest of it. I found a really cute skirt, so I’m so excited to wear that at a party that I’m gonna have then I get back.

So I figured I would give you guys a little bit of a view. Let me see what I can do here. So what you’re looking at is the main shopping street. You can see, I was way up at the top of that hill and then you see the grass all the way down there in the background. That’s an observatory and so we’ll be going there later today. And in the meantime I’m just roaming around, checking out all the stores. A lot of this feels very much again like the U.S. You know definitely they have a much higher sense of fashion, I would call it than we do. People keep coming up to me in my pink jacket, I was afraid that I was going to be a little too colorful. As you can see a lot of the people here are in blacks and grays. I am seeing some colors but I’ve literally had people coming up to me like touching my jacket. Like “Ohh, what a pretty color.” You know very, very excited about that.

Anyway it’s been an interesting morning. I’m definitely enjoying the … You know, I’ve had fresh tea this morning, like loose leaf tea and love the European breakfasts, you know the spreads are amazing. Cheese, and meats, and eggs and bacon,  I mean it’s a full breakfast. No one of this Danish, first thing in the morning. So anyway just wanted to say Hi and one of the things that I’m finding, I am literally one of the shortest people around here. I’m five foot nine. I’m not exactly super short but many, many people here, the locals are easily, the women, the men, everything easily six foot. Lots of blonds, lots of very pretty people here. So anyway, so far so good. Loving Stockholm and loving Sweden and hope you guys are having a great day and I’ll talk to you guys later. Okay, bye.