Adventure in lost power!

Hey everyone, so it’s Shauna from Without Bags and today we went on a little bit of an adventure. Woke up this morning and my powder bank was no longer working, so decided to roam the streets to try and find a place to find power. So luckily enough I found a place called, let’s see Class Ohlson and it is basically a giant Ikea on the inside but the most interesting bit was trying to find the proper adapters to fit both my U.S. plugs and a USB and all the rest of it. So what does this tell us? The tip for today is to always carry a backup power source. The problem with not having any way to charge laptops and cell phones and all the other fun stuff, battery backup packs and all the rest of it. Anyway this is, since I’m here, this is the main shopping street in Stockholm. So basically where all the stores are, all the clothes are, all the rest of it. I found a really cute skirt, so I’m so excited to wear that at a party that I’m gonna have then I get back.

So I figured I would give you guys a little bit of a view. Let me see what I can do here. So what you’re looking at is the main shopping street. You can see, I was way up at the top of that hill and then you see the grass all the way down there in the background. That’s an observatory and so we’ll be going there later today. And in the meantime I’m just roaming around, checking out all the stores. A lot of this feels very much again like the U.S. You know definitely they have a much higher sense of fashion, I would call it than we do. People keep coming up to me in my pink jacket, I was afraid that I was going to be a little too colorful. As you can see a lot of the people here are in blacks and grays. I am seeing some colors but I’ve literally had people coming up to me like touching my jacket. Like “Ohh, what a pretty color.” You know very, very excited about that.

Anyway it’s been an interesting morning. I’m definitely enjoying the … You know, I’ve had fresh tea this morning, like loose leaf tea and love the European breakfasts, you know the spreads are amazing. Cheese, and meats, and eggs and bacon,  I mean it’s a full breakfast. No one of this Danish, first thing in the morning. So anyway just wanted to say Hi and one of the things that I’m finding, I am literally one of the shortest people around here. I’m five foot nine. I’m not exactly super short but many, many people here, the locals are easily, the women, the men, everything easily six foot. Lots of blonds, lots of very pretty people here. So anyway, so far so good. Loving Stockholm and loving Sweden and hope you guys are having a great day and I’ll talk to you guys later. Okay, bye.

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