Tycho Brahe’s tower

Hey guys, I think I, completely by accident, just found the tower for Tycho Brahe. Which, if you don’t know who Tycho Brahe is, he was the most badass astronomer of all of them. If you know me at all, I’m an ex-astrophysicist, before I went on to travel the world and be a CPA and be awesome. But Tycho Brahe is so much more awesome than I could ever be. Tycho Brahe was a badass. He actually got into a fight at one point and had his nose chopped off and so they replaced his nose with a gold nose. So, this is really really awesome and so I wanted to share it, and film it, and hopefully we don’t get cut off. We’re going to go up a tower right now, to go see the observation platform, where Tycho worked. So, this is so cool. All right, let’s go.

So, as you can see we came in through the front entrance and we’re going to go up the spiral staircase here. This is so awesome. Apparently attached to quite a lovely church, as you can see here. Absolutely lovely, look at those candelabras there. Absolutely lovely, I love churches. Just especially in Europe, they’re just so different than anything they have in the states. Of course, so much older. I love, you can see the bricks here and it’s completely a platform. I’m not quite sure why. I’ve never actually seen a building like this, but you can tell the floor is completely worn in different spots. This is so cool. I’ve got a big ole smile on my face as we go up and up and up the tower. I’ll have to see if I can find some information as to why the tower was built this way, with the flat circular kind of driveway thing. I’m not sure what’s going on.

Let’s see if we can get a view out of one of these windows, maybe down on one of the streets or something. We’re in the main, kind of the old district. Been out roaming around shopping and having danish hot dogs in the meantime, but very very good. So, thank you for whoever’s watching this as we are on a tour of Tycho Brahe’s observatory, which is awesome. It’s a four story tower, I’m not quite sure how else to describe it, but as you can see there’s kind of this walkway that goes up and up and up and around in circles. Hopefully here when we get to the top, we’re going to see what Tycho Brahe saw. He’s my favorite astronomer from back in the day. Let’s go take a look outside, these windows are awesome.

Let’s see, what are we coming up on here? Cafe’, always have to have a cafe’. Round tower privy. One of the only two privy’s you can see in the little diagram here. Everything just flows straight to the ground, all the good stuff. Down to a 12 cubic meter latrine pit below the tower, how exciting. Let’s not go into the privy. This is lovely, just some of these views from up here are amazing.

Sorry guys, about that. I guess I lots some signal on the tower here. Let’s see what this is, the bell loft. The bells of trinity church. You can see some of the historical information. Oh, there’s a cool little model. So, we’re in the tower over here on the left-hand side. They’re really well know here for their jewelry, their silver and gold art work. And this must be where, Mr Brahe was, how exciting. Do you guys see that? This place is massive up here. It’s really cool.

Actually, I want to get you guys a picture of this thing. Tycho Brahe was famous for his observatory. This is the round tower university observatory. In use in 1650 to 1861. Anyway, the round tower was the main building for the observatory, so let me see if I can get you an image of that, off this lady’s shoulder here. There’s little tiny Tycho Brahe, he’s kind of a badass. He’s pretty cool, Mr Brahe. I love how they did the ceiling here with the stars. It’s really kind of cool. So, let’s go see, let’s go continue up the tower. This is pretty awesome, pretty exciting, for a science nerd like me. I am really really happy about being here, if you didn’t catch the beginning of my little thing, Tycho Brahe is awesome. So, it’s T-Y-C-H-O B-R-A-H-E, if you want to go read about him on Google. If I remember right, he liked to get drunk and get into fights. Tycho was a little bit crazy and always lots of fun.

Denmark here is just lovely, absolutely enjoying all the views of the city, and all the towers. We still have windows, we still have windows, still going up the tower here. Let’s see, where are we at here? We got to some stairs. This is so exciting. Let’s go see what’s up the stairs. You can see all the roof lines, before we go up the stairs, and see all the rough lines. They look gorgeous, I mean the city is just lovely. All right guys, let’s climb some stairs. If you hear me huffing and puffing, that’s clearly, I need to get some more work out. All this walking isn’t cutting it. Apparently it’s not just me.

God, look at that. You know, we see the whole city, so cool. Okay guys, platform, we’re going outside, upstairs. The platform, look at those stairs carved out of stone. That’s awesome. Okay, up we go. Little tiny tiny stairs. Going going going, coming up to the observatory platform. Oh my god guys, check this out. I am so so happy that I ran into this. I hope you guys are seeing this. Oh my god. No wonder this was the perfect place to observe the heavens. Absolutely breath taking. As you can tell, there are clock towers everywhere. Pretty much every single one of these big towers has a clock on it. I’m not quite sure who’s in charge of all the clocks, but they all seem to say the right time. They all seem to say the exact same time, so pretty impressive.

Absolutely amazingly beautiful. It’s kind of cool, they have all these little signs to tell you what you’re looking at in the distance here. So, you can kind of tell when you’re looking, there’s that tower, and whatever it is it’s telling you what’s up here. I’m almost all the way around to where we came up. Looks like there’s a huge park ground or something. All right guys, well this has been amazing, I’m going to stay up here and hang out for awhile and I hope you guys are enjoying Denmark. God, look at the wind turbines way off there in the distance. That’s really cool. Absolutely breath taking, breath taking. All right guys, thanks for joining me at Tycho Brahe’s observatory tower. This is probably one of the coolest things, so far, in Denmark. Especially for a science nerd like me. So, I’ll talk to you guys later. Bye.

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