Oh no! Tumi help! What a birthday

Hey guys; its Shauna from Without Bags. Today has been a very interesting day, if you don’t know me today is my birthday so yay I’m getting to spend my birthday in Bergen, Norway. It is absolutely lovely and let me see if I can get you a view out this window and show you where we’re at today. I know we were in Bergen last week, but flying back through here to head out to Dublin tomorrow, and then Dublin for a few more days, and then back to London, and back to hometown of Arizona. This has definitely been one heck of a trip for Without Bags and I’m super excited to head home, especially being so close to my birthday. Couple things to start off with. I want to say thank you, I want to do a shout out to some people that I absolutely adore. They called the hotel and got everything organized in advance and when I came in to the hotel room today.it was an absolute shock and amazement. It is lovely and what a surprise. Let me show you what I walked into in the room today.

I have to give a huge shout out to the people downstairs because this is what’s going on today. After all this awesomeness for my birthday and so many birthday wishes, I was bringing my bag upstairs. My one carry on, bringing it upstairs and guess what happened? The handle came off in my hand, literally broke on my Tumi bag. For those of you that travel Tumi is supposedly a top brand bag and the bag itself is perfectly fine, let’s give you a view here of the bag. This is my one carryon, you can see I love it. It’s got tons of pockets, it does expand, and you can see it’s got this really nice hard, kind of hard shell which is great. That part of the handle completely came off in my hand. Now, me most importantly and part of the reason why I am in love with the staff here. They found superglue which we’re hoping is going to hold. If you could see that we had a little bit of superglue around the edge and we put some superglue on the inside. We’re letting it dry overnight, hopefully it will hold, Loctite so we’ll see. They had three janitors and three people at the front desk and everybody was trying to help and figure out how to glue this thing back together again, so I have to say good on you hotel Edvard Grieg for trying to figure out how to get this thing connected

Tip for the day, if your handle breaks definitely of course check with your hotel, see if there’s anything they can do to help you, but I had remembered something that I had seen I believe it was in Brazil 10 years ago. Where when they were packing your box, your purchase or whatever, they would actually make handles for your bag, for your big paper box using plastic grocery bags. You’d roll up the plastic bag into a little tiny thin strip and you tape one side to one part of the box and one side to the other part of the box and now you have a handle for your box. I remembered this idea and so the hotel desk gave me two Edvard Grieg bags and some black duct tape type stuff and we made our own handle. Thank you to the Brazilians from 10 years ago showing me the awesome trick about using plastic bags as handles. I think it’s going to hold up pretty well but obviously as we go through it I will let you guys know. One if Tumi fixes the bag because it supposedly has a lifetime warranty, and two if the plastic handle holds up. Thanks so much guys, I hope you’re having a great day and I will talk to you all later, bye

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