Grocery store Haul – Stockholm

Hey guys; it’s Shauna from Without Bags and I just landed in Stockholm today. Of course, the first thing that I do anytime I get to a new city is see if I can find some groceries, especially if I have a little mini fridge. Always good to have some snacks and some stuff so you don’t have to spend quite as much money in restaurants. Although here, it’s really actually kinda cool. Even though the city seems, not seems it is, extremely modern, lots of high rises. Let me see if I can give you a little view out my hotel window here.

You can see, I’m in a hotel and completely surrounded by other buildings, other hotels. There’s a beautiful courtyard, they have some really nice spaces but definitely very modern. All the stores, everything is very up to date. I do feel like if you’re from Arizona and walking through Paradise Valley or Scottsdale, all high-end type shops, that kind of thing. Definitely, one of the first things that I always, always do is stop and see if I can find some groceries. I was very lucky this time, my hotel room, which I am in is awesome if you guys can see it.

Let me give you a little round-about tour here. There’s the look outside the window. Very nice and simple, which I really like, clean, really cute, right in the center of everything, I’m literally walking distance to all of the different historical sites and all the different museums and that kind of thing, which is fantastic. Sorry, kind of getting off a little off on tangent. Yes, always love going to a local grocery store to get some food just to have in the room, be able to carry with you. Today I actually had a lot of fun going to the grocery store, got quite a haul so I figured I would share some of the interesting things I found in the grocery store today. So, let’s see what we can find here.

Wanted to start off with, I normally love cider so salt and vinegar chips and this one is sea salt and cider vinegar, which I can’t wait to try, I’m super excited about that. If you know me, you know that I love me some meat so, Iberian ham flavored chips, have to try them. Got some candies, I love black licorice so ended up with some straight black licorice, maybe some green black licorice, I don’t know what’s in there so I’m gonna try it, looks like maybe strawberry flavored black licorice and some other little candies. Then picked up some basics like some carrots, some tomatoes, and cucumbers and things that you can kinda cut up and eat and just snack on, a little more healthy than potato chips and black licorice.

In the bottom of my hotel, there is apparently one of the cities most famous restaurants for mussels. Very exciting, so I’m thinking wine and mussels are on the dinner menu tonight. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and it’s lovely here in Stockholm. I’ll get back on whenever I have something interesting to say. If you haven’t subscribed, definitely subscribe to Facebook, youtube, all those other things and share with your friends. Always looking for more family for Without Bags, I’d love to get your guys feedback. Has anybody been here to Stockholm, anything that I absolutely have to see while I’m here? Let me know. I’ve got three days, three and a half days here so definitely let me know. Thanks guys, bye.

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