Glasgow to Reykjavik and Cadbury Eggs 4-11-17

Hey everyone, it’s Shauna from Without Bags and today I am standing in the Glasgow Airport. I am headed on my way to Reykjavik. So we learned something really interesting the other day, if you saw the video about the movie theater. We found out that Scotland is actually massively into sugar. We didn’t understand why there were so many candy options at the movie theater. But we found out that Scotland in general is massively into sugar. Apparently this was the first stop way back then and they would process a lot of Europe’s candy from here, from Scotland. So with that being said if any of you guys know me, I absolutely love Cadbury Creme Eggs. It’s probably one of my favorite little desserts, my favorite little passions and so I was told that this is the place to get Cadbury Creme Eggs. So I will be trying this and letting you guys know if it’s even better than the ones at home.

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