Iceland Reykjavik morning! 4-12-17

Good morning everyone, this is Shauna, correspondence for Without Bags here in Reykjavik this morning. I wanted to do a very brief little i-Video, when I first flew in yesterday into the Reykjavik Airport. The airport is actually on an old lava field so when I was looking out across the landscape it kind of looked like this picture in the background let’s see a very modern hotel. I love it. But very, very rocky and very kind of barren and black and dark browns and that kind of thing so that was my very first impression of Reykjavik.

However, now that I am in the city I am taken. It is absolutely lovely here. The ocean, I keep looking out my hotel room, it has a few of the ocean so I’ll show you that here in a minute. But the colors of the ocean it’s almost like they’re calling to me. I want to go swim, no swimming it’s way too cold, but it’s almost like they’re calling to me that I want to go out to the ocean. It reminds me very much of Tunisia going through the Sahara desert where you see desert and it just looks like desert and then you come up on something that is absolutely amazing and beautiful. The oases in Tunisia these waterfalls come up out of nowhere.

So now I’m really, really excited about being here in Reykjavik and in Iceland. One of the things we’re going to be doing over the next few days is tonight we’re actually going to see if we can find the Aurora Borealis. I think that should be around 10:00 p.m. this evening Reykjavik time. If you’re around and you want to watch. Of course, if it’s cloudy there won’t be any Aurora or none that we can see. So hopefully we’ll actually get a chance to see it tonight which would be amazing.

Then, of course, going to be doing the Golden Circle area which is a lot of waterfalls and a lot of this majesty of nature type stuff. So really, really excited to be here in Iceland. Last night tried something called monkfish and it was delicious in a coconut curry. Without Bags just left Scotland and coming here to Iceland I was really kind of concerned because Scotland was about 45 degrees, 50 degrees and here in Reykjavik we’re at like 27. So Without Bags is based in Arizona in the United States so coming from Arizona you know gorgeous, 85-90 degree weather to 27, I was afraid that there was going to be a little bit of a shock there. But actually, it’s not that bad. Make sure you have proper equipment, right? Proper jackets and gloves and that kind of thing. It’s really not all that bad.

I’m sure everybody out in Wisconsin is laughing at me right now saying, “27 is nothing honey.” But you know there you go. What do you do when you’re an Arizona girl? So, anyway super, super excited about what’s coming this week. A lot of adventure type stuff. I may not be able to do live depending on the signal out there in the wilderness but I will be posting I’ve got my GoPro. So I will be posting GoPro video and of course letting you guys know where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, all those other lovely things. So watch out for the adventures and I’ll look forward to seeing you guys soon.


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